Check Status of your Reservations in Dockwa

To View Your Requested and Past Reservations in Your Dockwa Account:  Select "Account" at the top right of screen  >  Select "Trips" in the drop-down menu.  This can also be accessed through the link here:


The reservation status of each trip is in the top right-hand corner (Green = Confirmed, Red = Canceled or Declined, Yellow = Pending). 

Dockwa App: Tap the "Trips" icon at the bottom of your screen to view all current and past reservations that you've made.


Please Note: A reservation is not confirmed until the marina has responded to your reservation request with a Confirmation. You will receive a Dockwa email and a push notification on your smartphone, if you have the Dockwa mobile app and notifications turned on, once a marina has processed your reservation request. 


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