Getting to Know Your Marina Dashboard

Tonight's Boats

  • Under Today's Boats, you have the ability to see to boats that you have arriving, staying, and departing your marina on that day. You can view these in more details by clicking on "Arrivals", "Total Boats", or "Departures". 

Chat with Boaters

  • It is here in Red that you can keep track on all unread messages sent to you by your customers. This section will automatically sort the messages between the past and upcoming reservations, so you can prioritize who you need to contact first.

Manually Enter Reservations

  • Click on "New Reservation" in the upper-right hand corner.  You'll be able to manually enter in all reservation details for a guest who makes a reservation outside of Dockwa (phone, email, radio, etc.). Once the necessary information is recorded, click the "Confirm" link at the bottom of the page. Please see attached link above for more information.

Process Pending Reservation Request

  • When a boater makes a reservation request you will receive a notification to either confirm or deny the reservation request. You can access the reservation request at the bottom left of your marina dashboard, under "Pending Reservations". Click on the reservation request, review the details, assess availability, and then confirm or decline the reservation.

Process New/Outstanding Boater Cancellation Request

  • When a boater cancels a confirmed reservation you will receive a notification to process a refund, if eligible. You can access this boater cancelled reservation at the bottom right of your marina dashboard, under "New Cancellations". Click on the cancelled reservation, review the details, assess whether it meets your cancellation policy terms, and then process the refund accordingly.

Create Long term Contracts

  • Use the Contracts tool to create long term contracts for seasonal customers. Contracts with Dockwa is the easiest and most effective way to keep track of your Annual and Seasonal slip and/or mooring contracts! If you are dreading sending out those contracts and chasing boaters for their payments, the Contracts tool with Dockwa is your solution. Getting started is easy, just click on "Contracts" on the left of your marina dashboard and follow the instructions here: Getting Started with Contracts



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