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The "Account" button is located in the upper right of your Marina Portal. This drop down Menu provides you with the tools and settings to manage your Dockwa account. Click the links below to learn more: 


  • Pricing - See the current price rates set up for your marina here (as well as the past rates that were in the system from previous years). 
  • Emails - [Dockwa Connect Only] - View the emails that you have set up here, including custom Confirmation, Pre-Arrival, In-Port, Pre-Departure, Departure, and Follow-Up. Reach out to Dockwa Support for any edits needed (click the "Emails" link above). 
  • Blockout Dates - This is where you can "block out" dates on your Global Calendar, (your main calendar all the boaters see). You can also access individual blockout calendars for each Space Group, by clicking each Space Group under the "Blockout Dates by Space Group" section. 
  • Configure Bank - This is where you can set up your bank account within Dockwa in order to get paid! If accessing for the first time, you can click the green "Verify Account Identity" button and follow the instructions from there. If updating, you can follow the green "Change Bank Account" or the white "Update Account Identity" button.
  • Settings - In this screen you will find a series of tabs that will allow you to navigate between the different sections you will need to administer your Dockwa account. 
  • Subscriptions - If you are on the Dockwa Starter product and would like to upgrade your subscription or know more about our options, you can find that information in this section. 

    • General
    • Users
    • Space Groups
    • Spaces
    • Coupon Codes [Dockwa Connect Only]
    • Charge Items
    • Resources


  • My Account - Switch to your personal account here - this is also where you will find the ability to set up and change your email and text notifications
  • Change Password - Change and reset your password from within your account here.
  • Help - Access the Dockwa Helpdesk here for further self-help articles and resources for your new/seasonal staff.
  • Logout - Log out of your account here.


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