Setting Your Marina's Season Start and End Dates

Does your Marina have a season open and close date? By setting a start and end date to your season this will restrict boaters from requesting reservations for dates that are out of season at your marina. 

Please follow the steps below to set your season dates: 

  1. Go to the Account drop-down menu and select Settings


  1. The Settings page will open automatically on the General tab


  • If open year round - select Open Year Round
  • If open seasonally - select Open Seasonally

Set Seasonal Dates

In the Set Seasonal Dates menu, you can set your Opening Booking Day, and the dates of your season. If you need to change these dates during the year, you can do so at any time. 


Accept Reservations is your Opening Booking Day, the start of the time period where boaters can request reservations in advance of the start of your season. If you do not wish to allow advanced reservations, set the Accept Reservations date as the same date you choose for Season Start.

Season Start is the first day of the season when boaters can request reservations.

Season End is the last day of the season when boaters can request reservations.



After setting your Opening Day we can work together to promote your season start and get boaters ready and excited for the season ahead. You can set up Dockwa Deals as well, for more information read our Dockwa Deals article. 





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