Payments Report Information (Marina Support)

Payments information that you used to get in the "Payments report" can now be found in the new and improved "Transactions Report". This Legacy Payments report will only include payments before 1/1/2020 and will be available for historical record after that date. 

  • The information that can be found in both reports is a detailed list of all payments and refunds that have taken place at your marina through Dockwa.
  • Each Payment is listed by its Reservation Identification Number, with the most recent transactions appearing first. Refund and charge pricing breakouts are provided here, separated into Dockage, Electric, Tax, and Processing Fees. You will also find all Dockwa fee refunds back to your account listed here as well.

By clicking on a specific payment or transaction you are able to view, in greater detail, all of the line items that are associated with the transaction.


  • You can set "Start" and "End" dates on the export to capture specific data from a certain time frame.


  • All information in this report is easily exportable. You can export all transactions or set search filters to capture specific data and export only this set timeframe. This action can be done by clicking the export button underneath the set dates. 

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