Add a Discount to a Boater's Confirmed Reservation

If a customer is in need of a discount this can be added directly to the customer's reservation in Dockwa using the "Add Discount" tool.mceclip0.png

  • Open the reservation you wish to add a discount to and press “Add Discount”, located in the "Discounts" tab
  • Once on the "New Discount" screen, you will be required to
    • Choose where to apply the discount by checking off the box for dockage and/or electric
    • Enter the amount of the discount
      • Select the unit in which the amount should apply: in Dollars or as a Percentage
    • Enter a description of the discount
    • Finally, click "Apply Discount" to save it to the reservation
  • Once the update has been saved you will see the change in price reflected in the Total and the next Scheduled Payment



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