Set Availability: Block off Dates on Calendar

As a marina admin, you have the ability to "block off" certain dates on your availability calendar. These dates may be unavailable for a number of reasons. This tool is the best way to communicate to your boaters what dates are and are not available. This will prevent boaters from requesting reservations for dates you already know are unavailable, so you're not inundated with requests that you would have to decline anyway. 

If you'd like to block off any dates, simply log into your Dockwa account and under the "Account" section, select "Blockout Dates".


This will open your Blockout Settings screen where you can choose to block out dates on your "Global Blockout" Calendar - or block out dates by Space Group. Your "Global Blockout" Calendar blocks dates for all of your potential guests requesting reservations online. Blocking dates using a Space Group calendar will only block dates for that specific Space Group.


To block off dates from the calendar view, simply click the date you want to block off and it will become shaded grey - indicating that it is no longer available for request.


Once the date has been Blocked, your customer will no longer be able to request reservations for that date. Please see below what will be displayed to your customers:


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