Payment Declines: How the Boater and the Marina are notified

Payment Declines can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons for the decline are: expired cards, incorrectly entered cards, boaters bank has flagged the charge as possibly fraudulent, or insufficient funds. 

A decline/failure can happen at the time of confirmation or when Dockwa is re-billing the balance due on deposit billing reservations.

If a payment is declined upon confirmation, Dockwa sends an email to the boater notifying them of the decline/failure and providing them with instruction on how to update their payment information. If the boater adds a new card to their Dockwa account, the system will automatically retry the declined/failed charge and will update the reservation to a PAID status once the charge runs successfully. If the card had a fraud alert, the boater will need to contact their credit card company or bank to lift the alert and communicate back to the marina to manually re-run the payment. If you do not re-run their card manually, the reservation will continue to show as "Unpaid" until action is taken. 

The marina is notified of declined/failed payments in three ways:

  • Flag/Warning on the payment


  • Tag on the reservation noting it as Unpaid

  • Notification on Marina Dashboard under "Failed Payment Reservations"



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