Managing Your Customer Contacts

Every reservation requested via Dockwa from a new boater will automatically create a new contact profile in your marina's Dockwa database. All of these new contact profiles can be viewed and managed via the "Customers" tab on your dashboard.

The "Customers" tab offers the following functions:

Export your Customer List

Pull a report of all your customer contacts. Use this information to set up email marketing campaigns. 

Search Existing Customers

In the search bar, you can filter your contacts by name, email, or phone number. This helps you to easily pull up an existing contact profile. 

Create New Customers

Click "New Contact" at the top of the Customers page to manually create a new customer in your Dockwa database

Import Customers from the Dockwa Network

Import new Customer data directly from their personal Dockwa account using the "Search" tool.  If a customer contact does not already exist in your marina's customer list in Dockwa, but they do have an existing account with Dockwa, you can import their contact, boat, and credit card info from the Dockwa network by entering the email address from their Dockwa account into the Search Bar and clicking the red "Import" button once they come up. 

Edit Existing Contact

You can edit a contact's information by clicking on an existing contact profile. Once you have opened the contact profile you can view, edit, and add new contact info, reservation info, boat info, and credit card info for that contact. This is where you would add an additional card for a boater who is getting a "Failed Payment" message on the existing card on the  reservation. 

Create a New Reservation

By clicking "New Reservation" next to an existing contact, you can easily create a new reservation as the boaters information will be automatically transferred to the New Reservation. See the screenshot below. 



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