Post a Link to your Dockwa Marina Page

At Dockwa, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your website with Dockwa. Part of this website integration includes linking your website visitors to the Dockwa reservation form, which will enable people to make reservations and maximize your conversion rates. 

We've made the process of installing the web badge as easy as possible, but some of our marina partners want to simply add a link to the Dockwa registration experience, as opposed to the badge. This is a fine approach to take, but we have some recommendations for you when adding this link:

1. Find Your Marina Page URL

To find your Dockwa marina page URL, click here and search by your marina name in the white search bar below the "Get Out There" text. Once your marina name pops up in red, click on it to get to your Dockwa marina page. You can then copy and paste the URL out of the URL area of your web browser.

  • Alternatively, you can click here or go to Click on your marina's region, and then find your marina's page. Click on it and then copy and paste the URL out of the URL area of your web browser.

2. Use Clear Link (Anchor) Text 

After lots of testing on our end with our marina partners, we've found that the following link text works best for maximizing click throughs: "Make a Reservation"

If you need to add straight HTML to your webpage, you can use this code snippet for your link:

<a href="PLACE YOUR MARINA PAGE URL HERE" target="_blank">Make a Reservation</a>

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