How-to guide: Accounting with Dockwa


Dockwa has two, all-in-one reports that contain all the information you need to perform routine, day-to-day accounting:

  • Cash Revenue Report
  • Accrual Accounting Report

Start with the video below to decide which report is best for your marina.

Which report should you use?


How-to Guide: Set Up Your Chart of Accounts

How-to Guide: Using the Cash Revenue Report

1. Set up products/items in accounting software

2. Create a recurring template

3. Download the Cash Revenue Report

4. Record revenue

5. Map G/L codes for Cash Revenue Report


How-to Guide: Using the Accrual Accounting Report

1. Map G/L codes for Accrual Accounting Report

2. Create a recurring template

3. Download the Accrual Accounting Report

4. Record journal entry


How-to Guide: Record Inventory

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