Update Your Public Profile And Manage Settings In Dockwa and Marinas.com

Getting Started

Head to Settings --> Public Profile to make updates. public_profile_full__name_and_description_.png

Update General Settings

(Settings > Public Profile >General)

The "General" section of your public profile displays basic information about your location. In this section, you may:

  • Edit marina description
  • Edit contact information
  • Edit capacity information
  • Edit approach information
  • Edit additional info (max vessel LOA, max slip length, max slip width)
  • Edit unit for measurements displayed on your profile (feet or meters)

Update Photos & Videos

(Settings > Public Profile >Photos & Videos)

In the Photos & Video settings section, you may: 

  • Add a photo (Under 20MB and in jpeg, png, tiff, or gif format)
  • Add a video (Under 100MB; only one video allowed; will show first on profile)
  • Remove a photo or video
  • Rearrange order that photos appear in on profile (Click and drag on settings page to rearrange):


Update Amenities

(Settings > Public Profile > Amenities)

  • Add or remove an amenity from your profile. Amenities are split into three sections: Primary Amenities, Additional Amenities, and Nearby Amenities. For example:


Update Fuel Information and Rates

(Settings > Public Profile > Fuel)

  • Edit fuel rates (regular, super, premium, diesel, propane. Will continue to sync with fuel rates on Sales page)


Change Advanced Settings

(Settings > Public Profile > Advanced Settings)

 Note: For marinas on marketing, optimize, or deprecated marinas.com premium plans

  • Edit custom marinas.com profile button


Adding The Marinas.com Badge to Your Website

  • Navigate to Settings > Resources
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