Update Information on my Dockwa Boater Page

Do you need to update information on your Marina's Boater Page? You can do this by logging into your marinas.com account. Information updated here will publish over to Dockwa in one hour or less. If you do not see the updates, make sure you have "hard refreshed" your screen (Command + Shift + "r"). Instructions on how to update below: 

1. Follow this link and log in to Marinas.com: https://marinas.com/users/sign_in 

2. Once you are logged in your screen will look similar to this. Chose the "Account" drop-down in the top right-hand corner and click 'Switch to Marina'.  Fullscreen_5_27_21__4_29_PM.png

3. Once you are on your Marina page use this "General" screen to make any necessary updates. Use the tabs on the left-hand side column to navigate into each category. 


4. Click Save Changes on the top right-hand side of the screen when you make a change. 

Tip: If you are looking to update the information that boaters see under the "About ____ Marina" section at the beginning of your boater page: scroll down on the general screen and edit the "description" section. If you want to update your Booking Information or Cancellation policy please email mayday@dockwa.com.


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