ACH Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can I use my bank account for on Dockwa?

Answer: To pay for contract or transient reservations. Not available for Sales/POS charges.


Question: Where can I add my bank account on Dockwa? 

Answer: The ability to add or delete a bank account is currently only available on Dockwa Web. However, once a bank account is added, it can be viewed and selected on a reservation or contract in Web as well as mobile.


Question: Is there a limit to how many bank accounts I can add to Dockwa?

Answer: There is no limit. 


Question: Who can add a bank account to Dockwa?

Answer: Only registered Dockwa users


Question: How long does it take to verify my bank account?

Answer: The process is instant! If there are any issues you will receive an error message when trying to connect your account. 


Question: Can I delete my bank account from Dockwa?

Answer: Yes, as long as the bank account is not tied to any upcoming reservation or contract, it can be easily deleted. 


Question: Can I use my connected bank account to pay for any contract or reservation at any marina on the Dockwa platform?

Answer: While our platform supports bank accounts, not all marinas may offer it as a payment method.  If they do accept it, your bank account will appear as a payment option when making a reservation, editing an existing reservation, or signing a contract. 


Question: Do you store my banking credentials and account details?

Answer: No. Neither Dockwa nor our payment processor (Stripe) stores your banking credentials. 


Question: When are funds withdrawn from my account?

Answer: Bank payments take longer to settle than cards. You should see a pending withdrawal on your bank statement within a day of payment initiation. Full settlement can take up to 4 days. To avoid failures we recommend checking your account balance regularly.  

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