Accept ACH Payments

Delight your boaters with more ways to pay

Boaters can securely pay for dockage directly with their bank account, meaning lower processing fees and lower failed payments for your marina. Dockwa securely collects bank information to protect your boaters while simplifying and automating the payment process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can my customers add their bank account?

Answer: Instructions on how to add and use a bank account on Dockwa can be found here.


Question: If my customer wants to pay with ACH but is not a Dockwa user what do I do?

Answer: Your customer will need to create a Dockwa account in order to use ACH through Dockwa.  You can send them these instructions on how to do so: Create a Dockwa Account


Question: Can I add a bank account on behalf of my customer, similar to cards?

Answer: This is not possible due to NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association, ACH's regulatory body) compliance. However, once a boater has added a bank account to Dockwa, a marina can select it on any new or existing reservation or contract.


Question: Will the ACH payments have the same payout schedule in my Dockwa account as cards?

Answer: Yes. Once you’ve set your payout cadence (daily, weekly, or monthly) you do not need to update it for ACH.


Question: Will ACH funds settle instantly the same way card payments do? 

Answer: No. ACH payments are not instant like card payments; they can take up to 4 business days to settle.


Question: If an ACH payment fails will I know right away, similar to cards?

Answer: No. Because ACH payments are not instant like card payments and can take up to 4 business days to settle, failures due to insufficient funds will be received on the settlement date.


Question: How do I see failed and overdue ACH payments?

Answer: You can view both failed and overdue ACH payments alongside your card within the Payments section of your Dashboard. 


Question: Why is the invoice locked for multiple days?

Answer: ACH payments take 4 business days to settle from initiation. For example, if an invoice is due on August 1, the payment will be initiated on the same day, but the money will not be withdrawn until August 4th. If you are using multiple methods to settle an invoice, ACH should be the final payment used to avoid invoice locking.


Question: Where can I see Dockwa’s ACH terms and conditions?

Answer: You can view them here: Dockwa ToS


Question: How are ACH refunds different from credit card refunds?

Answer: ACH refunds require at least 3 business days to process and ACH payments cannot be refunded after 180 days. 


Question: How are ACH disputes different from credit card disputes?


  1. ACH disputes have a 60 calendar day limit from the debit date. 
  2. ACH disputes are final with no process to appeal. Refunding a customer during an open dispute can result in duplicate credits for the same transaction. Promptly communicate with the customer regarding refunds to avoid this issue. 


Question: Can my customer use their bank account to make a one-time payment? For example, if they want to pay their bill in advance or pay for multiple invoices together.

Answer: Unfortunately, Dockwa does not support one-time payments with cards or bank accounts at this time.

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