Access the Dockwa Dockmaster App

The Dockwa iOS App allows Dockmasters to sign into their marina's Dockwa account to manage their marina while on the go. 

Important Note: Feature only available on iOS devices, not available on Android

Follow the instructions below to access the Dockmaster end of the Dockwa App:

  1. Sign into the Dockwa app - to do this, find the instructions here: Log In to Dockwa (Marinas)
  2. Once logged in, at the bottom of the main screen, choose the fourth option that says “Profile”
  3. Scroll down and click the “Switch to Dockmaster” option


This will allow you to access the Dockmaster end of the Dockwa App. Here you can manage your marina via Dockwa from the patrol boat, while on the docks, or while sitting at home.


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