Why was this boater's Reservation Expired

As a Boater Relationship Platform, we have had the great opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of boaters around the world. As stewards of a growing marketplace, we have found that our most vocal critics from the boater side of the market almost all point back to two things: Responsiveness and accuracy of Availability
We strongly believe that we have developed the tools to provide every marina with the ability to be highly responsive and to accurately reflect their availability; and, as such, we have instituted a policy that is aimed at improving the boater experience. Our goal in doing so is to continue to significantly grow the Dockwa boater network, which in turn will directly benefit the marinas that use the service.

Reservations that are requested through Dockwa are subjected to a 48-hour time limit. This means that reservations that are 'Pending' for more than two days will automatically expire. If a reservation is not able to be addressed within that timeframe, the marina can choose to extend the expiration 24 hours by requesting an extension from Dockwa Support (mayday@dockwa.com) AND directly messaging the boater on the reservation.

Additionally, a reservation that goes past their requested date of arrival will be expired, regardless of the amount of time it has been pending.

If the customer has had their reservation expired and has stayed with you anyways or still wishes to stay with you, you can re-create their reservation by following the instructions linked here: Re-create a Boater's Reservation that was Expired

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