Adding boaters to my Waitlist

There are three ways a boater can be added to your marinas Waitlist.

  1. Marinas (you) can add boaters directly to the Waitlist through the "Waitlist" tab on your Marina Navigation Panel (left-hand menu). You can do this by clicking the "Add to Waitlist" button on the top right hand side of the Waitlist page.
  2. Marinas (you) can Decline a Pending reservation request to the Waitlist. For further instructions see Here: How to Decline a Boater to your Waitlist
  3. A boater has the option to add themselves directly to your Waitlist if the date they want is unavailable on your marina's availability calendar in Dockwa. This will come in as a "Waitlist Request" in your Waitlist section - and you can click "view" to view the request or create a reservation from it. Further instructions here: Create a Reservation for Customers on your Waitlist 

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