Add a Charge to a Confirmed Reservation or Contract

If you need to charge a boater for items outside of dockage and electric, you will need to add a Charge to the reservation. For more information on what Charges are check out this article: Getting Started with Charges

To add a Charge to a reservation or contract, follow the steps below: 

From the contract or reservation page, choose the Charges tab above the Scheduled Payments Section:

      • Click the "Add Charge" button found in the Charges tab 
      • On the next screen, you can select an existing item from the drop down menu to charge the boater. If you need to create an item, click on "Charge Settings" at the top of the screen. 
      • Once you select an item from the drop down, the price, quantity and tax will fill in automatically.
      • Frequency: choose the Frequency you'd like this item to be charged. "One Time" will create a charge that will only be added to a reservation or contract when you manually add it. "Monthly Full" and "Monthly Prorated" will create recurring charges that will charge your boater monthly, or a portion of the charge if their reservation starts or ends in the middle of a month. For more information on recurring charges see here.
      • Billing: choose when you want to bill the customer for the charge. If you choose "bill immediately" the charge will be run on the boaters credit card right away. If you choose "add to next bill" the charge will be added to the boaters next scheduled bill on their reservation/contract, and they will be charged for it at the same time they are charged for that bill. 
      • Choose "Add Charge" to save the charge to the reservation/contract.
      • If you do not want to add it, you can click the "Cancel" button.



Once added, the Charge will be updated into the scheduled payments section as an addition to an existing invoice or added as a new invoice of its own. You can see more detail about the invoices by clicking into the transaction listed in the scheduled payments section.
For more information on transactions: Transaction and Line Item History on a Boater's Reservation


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