Remove a Charge from a Confirmed Reservation

As soon as you have confirmed a boaters reservation, you will have the ability to add and remove Charges from it. You will have these abilities up to seven days after your boater has checked out. Here are instructions on how to remove a Charge: 

1. Log In to your Dockwa account (Instructions Here)
2. In your Reservations page, choose from the reservations list or search for the desired reservation using the boat or captain name. (Further Instructions Here)
3. Click into that reservation, and scroll down to the Charges tab above Scheduled Payments.
4. You can remove a Boat Charge by clicking the "Cancel" link to the right of the "Total" section. Once link is clicked, the charge will disappear immediately. 

Note: this is also where you will see a list of every charge that has been added to this reservation/contract 





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