How Charges Bill the Customer

When a Charge is added to a confirmed reservation you can select one of three payment options. See below for a description of each option. 

  • One Time: Charge will be added to the reservation or contract and billed to the boaters credit card on the reservation/contract immediately. If the payment method is set to "settle manually", the boat charge will still be added right away, but the line item will need to be manually "Settled" by you at that time, or once the boater has paid you via cash/check. 
  • Monthly Full: Charge will be added each month, for however many months are on the reservation.
  • Monthly Pro Rated: Use this option if your boaters reservation/contract will start or has started (or ended) in the middle of a month, but you still need to charge them a portion of the monthly fee. 


If you have chosen "Add to Next Bill" - you can hover over the charge information bubble to double check the date on which you can expect this Charge to be billed to your customer's card. You can also click on the invoice on the Scheduled Payments section for a more in-depth look at the line items linked to that invoice.


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