Reservation Confirmed with the Wrong LOA - Need to Adjust

You have confirmed a reservation to stay at your marina but the boater has put in their LOA incorrectly, leading to an incorrect total bill on the reservation. To correct the bill you will need to edit their boat length on file and then update the confirmed reservation (by re-saving it) in order to pull in the accurate bill amount. 

  1. Open your "Reservations" page and search for reservation in question by Reservation number, boater name or email address. 
  2. Once on the reservation, click on the boater's name linked in blue
    • This will bring you to their contact profile, choose the "boats" tab and click on the pencil symbol in the top right-hand side of the boat you would like to edit (the pencil symbol/button will turn green).
    • Edit the boat info and "Save"
    • Once you have done this, go back to the customer's confirmed reservation
  3. Once back on the reservation, click the "EDIT" tool at the top of the reservation, re-select the departure date to pull in the LOA update, and click "Update Reservation".
  4. Once the update has been processed from the "Edit" page you will see the change in price reflected in the Total and the next Scheduled Payment

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