Assignments: Dockwalk Tool

Dockwalk is a tool built into the Assignments page to keep track of your moorings/slips statuses during the day and night. As boaters leave or return to their assigned moorings/slips you can mark them as "vacant" or "occupied".

  1. To use, assign a mooring to a reservation (Instructions here).**
  2.  To use, go to Assignments in your left hand menu, and choose "Dockwalk" in the upper left hand drop down menu.  


  2. dw_img.png

  3. Use the "In" and "Out" buttons to mark a boat present or absent from their mooring or slip.
  4. Click the green Save button on top right-hand side of the slip assignment screen. 

This is what your calendar will look like with a saved Dockwalk status. 



Please note: This tool is for your use and convenience but does not have to be filled out to assign a slip or mooring to a reservation. 


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