Manage my Contract Documents

If you require your contracted customers to sign a waiver or agreement when completing a dock or mooring contract, this document must be uploaded into the Contract tool via the "Manage Documents" page. To begin, open up the Contract Tool from the left hand navigation bar. Once there, follow the instructions below to upload the documents needed for your contracts: 

  1. Select "Manage Documents" from the top right of your Contract tool page.
  2. Add a document name.
  3. Choose your PDF file.
  4. Click "Upload Document".

Once the file is uploaded you can "View" or "Delete" it from the Manage Documents dashboard (the dashboard is the same page you just uploaded the files from). To add more files, repeat the steps above. Most importantly, the newly uploaded file(s) can now be used to move to the next step in configuring your contract, Create a New Contract Group.




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