Manually Enter a Reservation for a Boater who has paid in Cash

How do I create reservations for boaters that pay with Cash or Check? 

You can create a manual reservation for the boater using the "New Reservation" tool in Dockwa. Please find instructions here. While completing the creation of the reservation, on Step 4, select the "Settle Manually (Cash & Check)" option for the Payment Method type.


The "Settle Manually" payment option does require manual action by the marina to keep track of Cash/Check payments made directly to the marina. It does not process automatically like the credit card option. When a cash/check payment is received on-site, the marina must manually "Settle" that payment in the Dockwa system by clicking the "settle" button on the relevant Scheduled Payments line. This action will generate a receipt email to the boater and will be tracked in the marina's Payments Report in Dockwa. 


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