Tracking marina reservation conversion and ROI on Dockwa

Dockwa does not support directly adding conversion pixel JavaScript from Google Ads or any other advertising platform to a Dockwa marina profile page.  

As a workaround, Dockwa marinas can use standard UTM parameters on links in their ads and other campaigns linking to their profiles on Dockwa. Then, when a boater makes a reservation through a link with UTM parameters on it, these parameters will be stored by Dockwa and included in reservation exports from the Dockwa product and the Advanced reports that are delivered by the Dockwa team.

Here are the steps to tracking this:

1. Make sure you're using UTM Parameters on your links from your ads/campaigns.

2. Once your campaign is running, head over to your Dockwa Reservation dashboard and export your reservations.

3. Your reservation export will include both the UTM parameters from your ads/campaigns and also the amount of revenue from each reservation, allowing you to track ROI.


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