What are Scheduled Payments?

The Scheduled Payment table is a real-time view of all past and future transactions related to a reservation. The table is located on the bottom right of the reservation. 


Features of the Scheduled Payments table include:

  • Edit Payment Button: Allows marina to set the payment method and change cards applied to the reservation
  • Type: Scheduled*, Charge, Refund, Failed**
  • Due Date: The date the transaction is scheduled to process
  • Processed Date: The date the transaction actually processes
  • Method: Cash, Check, Credit, Dockwa Dollars***
  • Amount: Amount of transaction
  • Settle or Receipt:
    • Settle: Allows marina to manually settled a future scheduled payment prior to the due date/time (this includes refunds)
    • Receipt: You can open this link to view the receipt, print it out, or send it to the customer again

*Scheduled: When a payment is scheduled to process in the future you can view the scheduled date and time you (and the customer) can expect to have that transaction processed. To view, hover over the "Scheduled" text:


**Failed: Customer's card has failed, see Re-Run Credit Card on a Reservation after Payment is Declined

***Dockwa Dollars: Funds rewarded to boaters by Dockwa, see: Earn Dockwa Dollars!


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