Trouble Saving my BoatUS Membership with my Canadian Postal Code

If you are having difficulty uploading your BoatUS Membership into your Dockwa Account and you have a Canadian postal code, please first ensure that your Membership ID is correct in the BoatUS system. To determine this, please enter your information into the BoatUS verification site below:

If your information does not verify on the site, you should contact BoatUS directly in order to fix your membership. Your membership must verify in the BoatUS system for it to successfully save to your Dockwa account. You can reach BoatUS at 1-800-395-2628 or email: 

If your BoatUS information has verified on their site and you are still having issues saving your membership in Dockwa*, please email and CC: with the following details:

  • BoatUS Membership Number (The one on your Membership Card): 
  • Your Full Name (The one listed on your card): 
  • Your Zipcode (The one most likely to be associated with your membership):  
  • Email Address (The one associated with your BoatUS account): 

With this information, we will work with the BoatUS Team to troubleshoot the issue and provide you with a resolution.

*Instructions on how to save your membership on Dockwa below:


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