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If you are signing an agreement with your marina through Dockwa, you will need to ensure all of the steps in the submission process are completed and that your agreement is successfully submitted.  You will be notified of successful submission when we send you an email with a copy of the signed agreement. If you have any questions regarding your agreement you can "Message Marina" from the online contact agreement page, see Message Marina on your Contract Agreement

For more information on navigating your agreement, check out the boater video guide below and our post on "How electronic contracts and credit cards work in booking marinas on Dockwa".

Video Instructions:

Instructions Here:

  • Open the contract quote email sent to you by clicking the "Go to agreement" link
  • Then follow the steps below to sign agreement, add required info and select your payment
    1. "Review & Sign Agreement"
      • View, Download, and/or Print the agreement
      • Review pricing structure and billing schedule
      • Sign your agreement
    2. "Add Required Information"
      • Add insurance and registration info and documentation (if required)
    3. "Confirm & Pay"
      • Credit Card (this will set all scheduled payments to process automatically)
      • Cash, Check, or ACH (requires that you physically drop off or send your money to the marina by the due date to avoid penalties)
      • Click "Confirm and Pay" to submit the agreement back to the marina

After submitting the agreement you will be presented with the following message confirming the submission was successful:


NOTE: The digital contract CANNOT be completed on Internet Explorer as this web browser is no longer supported by Dockwa or Microsoft. 

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