Decline my Contract Agreement

If you have received an online agreement via Dockwa email from your home marina, but you don't intend to keep your slip this year, you can Decline the Agreement using the link provided in the email. This will let the marina know you don't plan to re-sign for your slip, as well as stop the email messages from Dockwa. If you have already paid the marina for your slip - the marina might still want you to sign this online agreement - please check with them before declining. 

NOTE: If you do intend to keep your slip but want to pay by Cash or Check - there is an option for that - please read on.  

  1. Open the email and navigate to the online contract page via the "Click to View" button. If you are re-directed to Dockwa's log-in page, please follow the instructions HERE first
  2. Once in the contract quote/review page click the "Decline Agreement" button (see screenshot below)
  3. If you do this successfully, you will see the "Agreement Declined" message on your screen next.

1). Example Dockwa Email view: 


2). Click "Decline Agreement" Button: 



3). "Agreement Declined" Message


Please Note: You may not see some of these buttons if you are using Internet Explorer. This web browser is no longer supported by Dockwa or Microsoft. Please use another browser to decline your agreement. 

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