How to Tell if a Refund has Processed

When issuing a refund to a boater via Dockwa, there are a number of ways to tell if the refund has gone through successfully. All the information you will need can be found under the "Scheduled Payments" section of the reservation.

  • Under "Type" you will see a green dot and the label "Refund" (the dot will be red if the refund failed, and yellow if it is still processing).
  • You will also see the negative sign on the dollar amount at the end of this same refund line, indicating the amount is being refunded to the customer. 
  • Finally, a link to a "Receipt" will appear that will allow you to view the receipt that was sent to the customer digitally via email

In this particular example, you can also see that the "Amount Paid" at the bottom of Scheduled Payments equals $0.00 - as does the Total amount on the bill below that. This is because the refund amount processed was a full refund. 


NOTE: Once you have put a refund through from Dockwa to the boater, as long as the refund goes through successfully on the Dockwa end - the responsibility of transferring that money back to the boater is now in the hands of the boaters bank. Banks can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to process refunds - but every bank is different and some process funds much faster than that. If you know the refund has gone through in Dockwa, you can direct boaters to contact their banks if they haven't seen their refunds yet, or to reach out to the Dockwa Support Team at 


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