Safe Harbor: Test Membership Validity in Dockwa

Do you have a member reporting to you that they are unable to load their Black Card into Dockwa? If so, we advise that you first check the Safe Harbor Membership database to see if it is registered correctly. If after checking the Safe Harbor database you are still unsure, please contact the Safe Harbor Corporate Membership Team at for more info.

If you are finding that everything checks out in the Safe Harbor database and want to test to see if it works in Dockwa, please follow the instructions below.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Open Dockwa
  • Open your "Customers" page on the left-hand navigation bar
  • Search for the customer's email address
    • If they are already in your contacts, great! If they are not you can either "Import" the contact into your account or create a new contact profile
  • Once in the contact profile, find the Safe Harbor Membership Form
    • Enter in their details as they show in the Safe Harbor Membership database
    • If entered exactly to match the Safe Harbor Membership database, the membership will verify successfully and you will be able to see the number of free nights redeemed and available for that customer
    • If the membership is still not verifying in Dockwa, please contact the Safe Harbor Membership Team at for more info

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