Add or Update your Fuel Prices in Dockwa

If you are looking to add or update the fuel prices on your profile, you can do so through your Dockwa account. Please note, There is currently no option built into the product to display fuel prices on the Dockwa boater page. Follow the steps below to update your prices.

  1. To find the "Fuel Prices" section, scroll down to the very bottom of your Dockwa account's Dashboard screen. (See image below).
  2. There, you will see the five different types of fuel you can fill in. If you do not offer a certain type of fuel, leave it blank and it will not show on your profile. Once you have filled in these sections with prices, click the green "Update Fuel Prices" button on the right. 
  3. This will save the prices so that they display on your profile. (Second image below).  



(Note, you will see the above Fuel Prices in one line at the bottom of the dashboard) 


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