Setting Up Installment Rates

Installment rates are pre-set, custom rates that a marina can apply to a group of contracts or custom billing reservations. An installment rate should be set up if there is a common rate applied to many reservations or contracts. For example, you may have a "Peak-Season Monthly Rate" and an "Off-Season Monthly Rate". Settings those two rates up as installment rates will make it easier for your team to create reservations and contracts for boaters.

Installment rates are currently for marina use only.  Price quotes to boaters on your boater page currently only display your marketplace (default) rates.

Add New Installment Rate

  1. Navigate to your marina's dashboard
  2. Click "Account" >> "Pricing"
  3. Scroll down to the "Installment Rates" section and click "+ add new rate"
  4. Enter name, amount, and applicable tax rate
  5. Select pricing structure
    • monthly flat, monthly per ft, or monthly per sqft
    • full duration of the stay by flat, per ft, or per sqft
  6. Select billing cycle
    • Upfront - one installment charged upon confirmation for the full duration of stay
    • Monthly - monthly installment charged on the first of each month for the duration of the stay (will prorate partial months)
    • 50/50 - two installments, 1/2 charged upon confirmation and the other 1/2 upon arrival
  7. Click "Save" to complete creating the new rate

Edit an Existing Installment Rate

To edit an existing rate or make a change to the rate you just created

  1. Click the pencil and paper icon on the rate card that needs to be updated
  2. Make applicable edits or remove the selected rate card
  3. Click "Save" to complete edits and save for future use

Using Installment Rates

Installment rates can be used for any reservation or contract that is created by the marina

  1. Click "New Reservation" to create a marina added reservation
  2. Enter desired arrival and departure dates, LOA, and Beam
  3. To choose your rate, click on "Default Rates" to show drop down list of available rates for this reservation
    • Choose desired "Installment Rate" to populate the price estimate
    • Then click "Create Reservation" to move to step 2
  4. Select the customer for the reservation by searching for your existing customer list or by creating a new customer
    • Dockwa will search your existing customer list as you type. If the customer has stayed with you before, click "Select" to proceed to step 3
  5. Click this dropdown to select an existing boat or add a new boat for this reservation
    • Click "Select Boat" to proceed to step 4
  6. Confirm everything on this page is correct
    • Make sure the correct payment source has been selected
    • You can also update or change which default or installment rate is applied
  7. To checkout, click "Create Reservation"

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